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Preparation for UCAT & IELTS


University Clinical Aptitude Tests


The UCAT is used as an essential selection criteria for students seeking to enter Medicine and Health Sciences degrees. Without a high UCAT score, you will not be able to enter these courses. 


The UCAT is a high-pressure, three-hour multiple-choice eximination, which can often be daunting and unfamiliar to students. Unlike VCE or IB exams, the UCAT tests three specific types of thinking: 


Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving

Understanding People

Non-Verbal Reasoning


Preparing for the UCAT is just as important as your ATAR exam preparation. Academic Development & Scholarships Prepation focuses on testing the skills deemed necessary for all health professionals. 


  • Verbal Reasoning: Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form.

  • Decision Making: Assesses the ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information.

  • Quantitative Reasoning: Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form.

  • Abstract Reasoning: Assesses the use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information.

  • Situational Judgement: Measures the capacity to understand real-world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them.


International English Language Testing System 


The IELTS is a fairly demanding examination which assesses the English language proficiency of people who wish to work or enter higher education institutions of credibility in Australia, as well as for immigration purposes. The course is also of great benefit to those who do not intend to attempt the exam but wish to gain a high level of English, and improve their examination study skills and oral presentation skills. 


Academic Development & Scholarships Preparation focuses on testing the skills deemed necessary for all English language speakers.


  • Analysis and comprehension of English language conventions

  • Grammar and orthology 

  • Pronunciation and articulation 

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Academic Tutes Melbourne Tutoring


Are your sights set on a future in Medicine and Health Sciences? Do you want to improve your problem-solving abilities, verbal reasoning, and better your understanding of people? 

Academic Tutes Melbourne Tutoring


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