Courses for Business & Workplace English

Business English 

For locals, tourists & those working in an international environment


Academic Development & Scholarships Preparation offers tuition for tourists who wish to improve their English in their profession whilst on holidays. Our tailor-made program targets your specific English-language needs to enhance your communication in all English contexts. 


Workplace English

For executives and immigrants


English is essential if you want to get ahead in today's fast-paced global economy. Our Business & Workplace English Programs will arm you with the skills you require to communicate effectively and confidently in the world's business language, and its processes.


Meeting procedures and presentations 

Mission and vision statements 

Strategic planning


Academic Development & Scholarships Preparation focuses on giving you the skills:


  • To be confident in your job and develop your career

  • To clearly explain the details of a current project or issue

  • To increase your fluency and comprehension for workplace communication

Get ahead in the Global Economy