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Writing styles and techniques, grammar, literature analysis, and examination and time management skills are all at the core of our English programs. 


Students are presented with specific writing skills to develop in accordance to their set goals and curriculum, and are required to apply those skills within the tutorial to demonstrate competence. 


Maths & Science  


Maths and Science are taught in relation to one another until Year 9 in order to allow students the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills and overall excellence as required by the school curriculum and examinations. Within tutorials, students are presented with specific problem-solving exercises, which involve the application of maths and science (chemistry, physics, biology). Each student is then required to apply their skills to demonstrate competence. 


Oral Presentations & Interview Skills


Speaking articulately and clearly is an important skill for students to develop as they will eventually be assesesed orally for various components of their VCE or IB course. Additionally, students who wish to attain a scholarship, or enter certain public or private schools are interviewed by the school, as well as through written examinations. 


VCE and IB Subjects: 


All Maths (Further, Methods, Specialist)

All English (Language, Literature, ESL)

All Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) 

Business Management 

Environmental Studies 




fundamental skills for


English Tutorials Melbourne
English Tutorials Melbourne

Maths Science Tutorials Melbourne
Maths Science Tutorials Melbourne

Oral Presentation Melbourne
Oral Presentation Melbourne

English Tutorials Melbourne
English Tutorials Melbourne